#TheCargill14 mark a year of struggle with demonstration at head office

18.04.19 News

The 14 workers fired one year ago for organizing a union at their Cargill factory in Bursa-Orhangazi, Turkey and their union Tekgida-Is are more determined than ever to have their rights respected.

IUF Accor unions reaffirm commitment to organizing and fighting for rights

17.04.19 News

Representatives of unions organizing Accor workers came together in Morocco and formally resolved to intensify efforts to have Accor commit to a signed agreement on working jointly with the IUF to eliminate sexual harassment in Accor-branded hotels.

Canada: Unions win paid leave, support for victims of domestic violence

11.04.19 News

In response to ongoing union campaigns for paid leave and improved support for victims of domestic violence and abuse, Canada's federal Labour Code has been amended to include a clause requiring all federally-regulated workplaces to provide five days of paid leave for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse, in cases where a worker or their child is a survivor of such abuse.

Management stands by as thugs assault union members at Perfetti Van Melle factory in Bangladesh

09.04.19 News

On April 9, thugs supplied by a labour contractor at Netherlands-based global confectioner Perfetti Van Melle's factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh launched an organized attack on union members at work. Management stood by as over 20 goons organized by labour and services provider Rahat Corporation entered the factory and sought out, beat and intimidated union members with bats and wooden sticks.


JustTourism: a union web portal in the global hospitality sector promoting fair hotels

09.04.19 News

JustTourism is a new web portal maintained by IUF members in the global hospitality sector providing updated information on hotels which respect trade union rights.


IUF EC calls for action on homophobic legislation in Brunei

06.04.19 News

The IUF Executive Committee (EC) has condemned the introduction of new legislation in Brunei mandating death by stoning for homosexual sex and called for action to pressure the government to repeal the law.


Sentences served, Myanmar hotel workers leave prison - struggle continues for rights and reinstatement

02.04.19 Urgent Action

Six leaders and members of the HLOB union at Hotel Tharabar Gate in Bagan were released from prison on March 29 to an emotional welcome from family and union members after serving their full 30-day sentences. The six were tried, convicted and immediately taken to prison on March 1 after being arrested in December for attempting to lead a peaceful march to protest the brutal police destruction of their solidarity picket.  The struggle for reinstatement and trade union rights at Hotel Tharabar Gate continues - CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE  to the government of Myanmar!

Maldives: Hotel resort workers highlight need for legal minimum wage in national elections

01.04.19 News

In the lead-up to national parliamentary elections on April 6, the IUF-affiliated Tourism Employees Association of Maldives (TEAM) organized protest actions calling for a legal minimum wage to be established in the country. TEAM sent letters to all political parties participating in the elections, calling on them to recognize the need for a legal minimum wage for resort workers.

International solidarity with Jasic workers and supporters jailed in China

28.03.19 News

Unions in Asia have rallied in support of the more than 40 workers and their supporters jailed and '"disappeared" in China following attempts by workers at Jasic Technology in Shenzen  to form a union last year.

Schysst stall (Fair stable) - working against sexual harassment in the horse sector in Sweden

20.03.19 News

The IUF-affiliated Kommunal - Sweden's largest union - seeks agreement with employers on concrete measures to ensure that workplaces are free from sexual harassment and abuse. Schysst stall (Fair Stable) is a joint initiative with the service sector employer association and the Swedish Federation of Green Employers launched in March to inform and educate employers, workers, and students training for a career in the horse sector to understand what constitutes sexual harassment and how to respond to it.


China: Freedom of association is a right, not a crime

19.03.19 Urgent Action

The government of China continues its relentless repression of workers seeking to exercise their right to freedom of association. Over 40 workers and labour rights supporters are currently in criminal detention following efforts by workers to form a trade union at Jasic Technology in Shenzen last summer. CLICK HERE to demand their immediate release.


Cargill unions around the world call for an end to rights abuses at Cargill Turkey

18.03.19 News

Twenty-four unions representing Cargill workers in 15 countries, from Australia to the US, Indonesia to Russia and across Europe, have together publicly called on the company to stop violating rights in Turkey, where workers were fired at a Cargill facility in Bursa-Orhangazi nearly one year ago solely as a consequence of organizing to form a union - an internationally recognized human right.



Global solidarity with jailed IUF hotel union members in Myanmar

15.03.19 News

IUF members around the world have responded to the jailing of 6 hotel union leaders and members at the Hotel Tharabar Gate in Myanmar with demonstrations of support and union visits to the country's diplomatic representations abroad.



Pakistan: union launches continuous protest for union rights and recognition at Sakrand Sugar Mills

13.03.19 News

The Sakrand Sugar Mills Union, a member of the IUF affiliated Sindh Sugar Mills Workers Federation (SSMWF), has been demonstrating continuously since February 28 at the Sakrand Sugar Mills gates. The management of Sakrand Sugar Mills, a publicly traded company incorporated since 1989, refuses to recognize the union, meet with it or negotiate on its demands, which include payment of the legal minimum wages.

What next in Algeria?

11.03.19 Editorial

Algerians are demanding more than a change of face - they are calling for the end of what is widely referred to as le pouvoir, the power, a system which has symbolically appropriated the independence struggle but for decades has condemned its citizens to poverty and humiliation and denied them hope for the future.



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