IUF EC calls for action on homophobic legislation in Brunei

06.04.19 News
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The IUF Executive Committee (EC) has condemned the introduction of new legislation in Brunei mandating death by stoning for homosexual sex and called for action to pressure the government to repeal the law.

In a resolution adopted at its meeting in Geneva, April 3-4, the EC affirmed its "solidarity with workers and citizens of Brunei and around the world struggling for equality and an end to all forms of anti-LGBTI discrimination" and called for concrete action by affiliates. IUF members were urged to call on their governments to formally protest the legislation to the government of Brunei and insist on its repeal.

The upscale Dorchester Collection, with hotels in France, Italy, the UK and USA is wholly owned by the government of Brunei's Brunei Investment Agency. The resolution accordingly called for the exclusion, where appropriate, of Dorchester Collection hotels from the relevant national organizations of hospitality employers pending abrogation of the law.