Schysst stall (Fair stable) - working against sexual harassment in the horse sector in Sweden

20.03.19 News
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The IUF-affiliated Kommunal - Sweden's largest union - seeks agreement with employers on concrete measures to ensure that workplaces are free from sexual harassment and abuse. Schysst stall (Fair Stable) is a joint initiative with the service sector employer association and the Swedish Federation of Green Employers launched in March to inform and educate employers, workers, and students training for a career in the horse sector to understand what constitutes sexual harassment and how to respond to it.

The initiative, which was developed by Prevent Sweden, the non-profit organization working with unions and employers to promote workplace safety, covers all aspects of the sector - breeding and training, riding schools, and the care and stabling of horses.

The Schysst stall website promotes zero tolerance for sexual harassment with an online educational course, a carefully designed chatbot through which anonymous questions can be asked, and a map of Sweden showing stables where employers have qualified for the Fair Stable designation.