Reinstate Polish Hotel union activist!

15.06.11 Urgent Action
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IUF affiliate Solidarnosc has begun a series of protest actions at the Hotel Jan III in Warsaw, after  Malgorzata Sokalska,  activist and chair of the hotel works council was dismissed without notice in breach of Polish law and international Conventions on trade union rights.

Management at the hotel, which is part of Vienna International Group, repeatedly sought to undermine the union by not providing information facilities to Works Council representatives to enable them to carry out their duties, dissuading workers from joining the union and interfering with trade union processes such as payment of membership fees.

When Solidarnosc tried to intervene to help resolve these issues, management responded by first demoting, them dismissing Ms. Sokalska , who has been working at the hotel for almost 19 years.

Click Here to send a message to Vienna International management demanding her immediate reinstatement, and commitment that the comapny will provide the works council with all necessary means to carry out their work, and allow workers to freely exercise their rights to join the union.