Brazil: food processing unions call for workplace, government action to defend worker health and food security

02.04.20 News
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Many food processing companies in Brazil, including some of the largest groups, are failing to take the necessary measures to protect industry workers, putting public health and food security at risk. The IUF-affiliated national food processing federations in Brazil, CNTA and CONTAC (CUT), supported by the IUF Latin American regional secretariat, are calling (available here in Spanish) for workplace and government action to maintain food security and protect worker health and safety.

The measures include:

  •  Staggered staffing reductions of 50% per shift, with no loss of pay, implemented through negotiations with the unions;
  •  Employment guarantees in the sector to be extended by six months following the end of the state of public emergency;
  •  Maintenance of all existing collective agreements;
  •  Full paid leave for workers at risk;
  •  Creation of crisis committees in every workplace with union participation to actively monitor the evolving situation and develop responses;
  •  Government action to maintain national food stocks.