International delegation to the UK builds broad support for Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign

15.01.19 News
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An international IUF delegation highlighted the ongoing human rights attacks by Coca-Cola in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia, Ireland and the USA with activities in the UK and in Ireland in December.

In the UK the delegation outlined rights abuses by Coca-Cola at meetings at the UK's largest private sector union and IUF affiliate UNITE during its National Executive Committee meeting.







Unite NEC members with the delegation

The delegation also met with the national trade union Centre the Trades Union Congress (TUC) and senior Coca-Cola union representatives.






Delegation meeting at the UK Trade Unions Congress

The delegation was hosted at the UK Labour Party headquarters where they described Coca-Cola's continued support for a legacy organization of the murderous Suharto regime in Indonesia.  










UK Labour Party general secretary Jennie Formby (on right) welcomed the delegation and pledged ongoing support

Indonesian delegation members at the UK Parliament

Meetings were also held with UK student groups who agreed to monitor and support the campaign into 2019.

All UK organizations the delegation met pledged ongoing support to the campaign recognizing that Coca-Cola's unwillingness to remedy long-standing rights abuses meant the campaign would most likely have to stretch well into 2019 and possibly even beyond.