200 days and still fighting! Brewery workers across India support struggle at AB InBev's Budweiser plant

06.09.18 News
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September 6 marked the 200th day of continuous protest action in front of AB InBev's Budweiser plant in Sonepat, India. Brewery workers from other AB InBev sites and Carlsberg joined the protest action in solidarity with the independent union, Haryana Breweries Limited Mazdoor Union (HBMU). The unions joined the picket line on its 200th day to echo international calls for AB Inbev to reinstate terminated and suspended union leaders and members and start collective bargaining negotiations with HBMU. 

The unions from AB InBev and Carlsberg convened an IUF Brewery Division meeting in Sonepat to demonstrate their solidarity and to bring attention to the crisis facing brewery workers across India. The withdrawal of union recognition, refusal to bargain and increased hiring of fixed-term contract workers and use of third party labour hire agencies is threatening the jobs and livelihoods of workers across the industry. Union representatives declared that the fight at the Budweiser plant is everyone's fight and the campaign against AB InBev will continue.