No rights for workers at Marriott's Bali paradise

13.08.18 Urgent Action
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1124Global hotel giant Marriott's 5-star W hotel in Bali-Seminyak, Indonesia promises guests a "stay in paradise". But there's trouble in paradise for workers at the hotel who attempt to exercise their basic rights.

Some 40% of the hotel's workers are on precarious fixed-term contracts. They live with the permanent threat that their contracts won't be renewed, and have worked 12-hour shifts with no compensation for overtime. Workers began forming a union in January this year. They legally registered their organization on January 31, with affiliation to the IUF Indonesia hotel and tourism affiliate FSPM.

Union members immediately came under pressure from management to resign their membership in the union - short-term renewable contracts are a powerful tool for cultivating fear. And on March 2, union chairman Agus Sarwatama was suspended in an absurd procedure which elevated a purely internal union matter into a case of allegedly harming the business.


AugusILO2His contract expired on July 31, leaving the workers without their elected union chairman, their union still unrecognized and no process for negotiating a collective agreement. Marriott's 5-star island paradise formula? Precarious employment, no union, unpaid overtime, no due process and no rights for workers.


CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO MARRIOTT, the world's largest hotel group, insisting they respect human rights at their branded hotels and act to secure the reinstatement of union chairman Agus Sarwatama and full respect for trade union rights at the W Hotel in Bali-Seminyak.

Victimized Bali-Seminyak W hotel union chairman Agus Sarwatama speaking at a meeting on sustainable tourism at the ILO in Geneva on May 29.