Who picked my tea?

13.07.18 Urgent Action
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whopickedmyteaThe UK trade justice organization Traidcraft Exchange has launched a public campaign calling on the 6 tea companies which together account for over two-thirds of UK tea sales to disclose the plantations they source from in Assam, India. We support the call for transparency.

Tea grown and harvested in Assam finds its way into many blends sold in the UK, but the workers - overwhelmingly women - and their families have been condemned for generations to living and working in in squalid conditions. Investigation after investigation has exposed the brutal conditions behind Assam tea, including the tea in products certified by the Rainforest alliance and even fairtrade.

Transparency alone won't push the tea packing companies into acting to ensure respect for the human rights of tea workers, but it can help build pressure on them and support IUF organizing to change conditions on the ground by empowering tea workers through independent trade unions. It's past time for the tea giants to come clean - CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THE CAMPAIGN.