USA: farmworkers fired for speaking out against abuses

06.07.18 Urgent Action
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FLOC_1Two migrant farmworkers on a tobacco farm in North Carolina owned by grower Randy Blalock were abused, denied work and then summarily fired after describing substandard living conditions to an inspector from the state Department of Labor. Our affiliate, the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), is supporting the workers in their conflict with the grower and is seeking to recover thousands of dollars in stolen wages.

These two workers' story reflects the experiences of many other tobacco farmworkers who have no freedom of association and no union protection. And because there is no transparency in the tobacco supply chain, it is impossible to determine which company buys the product from Blalock; FLOC believes it is either Reynolds America Inc. or Alliance One.

CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE to the grower, his anti-union lawyer and the tobacco companies, telling them to stop these abuses, pay the workers their stolen wages and guarantee freedom of association!