Norway: Stop union-busting at processed fish exporter Sekkingstad!

02.07.18 Urgent Action
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Norway's Sekkingstad AS, a salmon and trout processor which exports to retail customers in over 50 countries, is trying to roll back a successful struggle by the Norwegian Food Workers Union NNN, which last year won recognition and a collective agreement at the company's processing sub-contractor following a 35-day strike.

Last September, the NNN struck Sekkingstad sub-contractor Norse Production following a long dispute over the company's working conditions and treatment of foreign workers. Faced with a strike which generated substantial international support and the prospect of solidarity action by other Norwegian unions, Norse signed the collective agreement for the fish processing sector.

Sekkingstad, however, was never reconciled to union recognition. They engineered the bankruptcy of Norse Production and established a new sub-contractor on the same site, Sund Laksepakkeri, with a carry-over management but none of the Norse workers and no collective agreement.

The NNN has requested support in their campaign against this egregious union-busting. CLICK HERE to send a message to Sekkingstad AS and Sund Laksepakkeri!