Launch of first-ever independent federation of food workers in Indonesia

14.02.18 News
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On February 2 and 3, sixteen independent unions came together in Yogyakarta to form the first ever independent union federation of food workers in Indonesia, FSBMM. Representing 20 years of organizing, fighting and winning together, the creation of this federation is a historic step in building independent and democratic union power in the food and beverage sectors in Indonesia.

FSBMM members work at Coca Cola Amatil, Nestlé, Unilever, Danone, Indofood, Phillips Seafood and a number of local companies in Indonesia; their struggles have impacted workers well beyond Indonesia. The long 'Nespressure' struggle to defend trade union rights at Nestlé Indonesia was a powerful spur to winning international recognition of the IUF by Nestlé.

FSBMM union members left their founding congress with a clear plan for future work and a leadership structure in place to drive that work forward. Dwi Haryoto was elected as FSBMM President and Eko Sumaryono as FSBMM General Secretary for the next 3-year period. National and regional structures were also put in place to support current and future union work. The Congress also affirmed its full commitment to three ongoing IUF and FSBMM struggles: the Coca-Cola Zero Rights campaign for reinstatement of dismissed independent trade union leaders at Coca-Cola Indonesia, the Phillips Seafood campaign, and the Umas Jaya campaign (GreatGiant Pineapple).