Haft Tapeh sugar workers in Iran now over 6 months without wages!

29.01.18 Urgent Action
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HaftTapehPayourWagesWorkers at the Haft Tapeh sugar complex in Sush last received their wages on July 11. The workers and their union, an IUF affiliate, continue to hold work stoppages and demonstrations. Local police and government authorities, rather than acting to ensure payment of wages and social security benefits, are enforcing wage theft and brutality.

On January 15, a known union activist denounced the company in front of the factory office. After leaving to return home, he was attacked and severely beaten by masked men, and an artery in one of his shoulders was severed. The following day, he was arrested by police, beaten and tortured.

Bakers and shopkeepers have had to stop selling on credit. The workers and their families are hungry and the city is dying. The Iranian government's only reflex is more brutality.

If you have not already done so, CLICK HERE to send a message to the authorities. We also urge all supporters of human and trade union rights to send a message to the Iranian diplomatic representation in your country  - you can find a list HERE