IUF signs agreement on rights in the supply chain with Sweden's government-owned retail alcohol monopoly

05.09.17 News
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The IUF signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Systembolaget, the Swedish state-owned alcohol retail monopoly, on August 24 in Stockholm. While Systembolaget operates only in Sweden, it has an international supply chain.

The MoU arose from shared concerns about working conditions in the Systembolget supply chain, especially agricultural raw materials.  Under the agreement there will be regular meetings to exchange information and address concerns raised by the IUF.

The MoU recognizes that Systembolaget and the IUF have a common interest in improving working conditions in the alcohol industry and its supply chain, including the right of workers to exercise their rights to be in a trade union and to negotiate collectively.

The IUF-affiliated Unionen, which represents the Systembolaget shop workers, is a co-signatory to the agreement. Unionen, together with IUF affiliates Kommunal and the foodworkers union Livs, has raised concerns over a number of years about working conditions on South African wine farms, most recently at winemaker Robertson.
Signing the IUF-Systembolaget Memorandum of Understanding in Stockholm. Left to right: Martin Linder, President Unionen; Maria Nilsson, President SPF, Unionen; Magdalena Gerger, CEO Systembolaget; Ron Oswald, IUF General Secretary.