Serial rights offender Citra Mina responsible for yet another death

15.12.16 Urgent Action
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Continued rights abuses by the Citra Mina Group, the Philippine's second-largest tuna exporter, have resulted in another worker death. In May and June this year, two Citra Mina fishing vessels were detained in Indonesian waters for illegal fishing. Following an established pattern of dispatching fishing crews across international borders without documentation or permits and abandoning them when they are arrested or detained, Citra Mina refused to assist or to repatriate the crew members. One of the detained crew members died in detention on July 11. Action by the IUF and our affiliate SENTRO secured the return of 177 crew members in August, but the company left the captain of its vessel, Wilfredo Estampa, to be held solely responsible and imprisoned despite a severe illness.

Captain Wilfredo died on November 7 as a result of his illness. Now the company has rejected appeals from his family to repatriate his body.

Citra Mina is a repeat human rights offender which refuses to take responsibility or be held to account for its brutal abuses. CLICK HERE to tell Citra Mina to facilitate the repatriation of Captain Wilfredo's body to the Philippines, compensate the crew members it trafficked and abandoned, and respect the human rights of its workers.

Wilfredo2Captain Wilfredo Estampa (second from left in front) speaking with his family in a skype video call arranged by the IUF and SENTRO from the detention center in Bitung, Indonesia  where he and the crew of Citra 008 were held. This was Captain Wilfredo's final communication with his family.