HRCT affiliates team up to fight child sex tourism

03.03.15 News
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SAFEHOST_0Child sex tourism is a world plague that encompasses mainly the south-east Asian region, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. Western countries are those which register the biggest outgoing fluxes. Based on ECPAT data, in Europe the most affected countries are: Germany, the Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Spain and Italy (outgoing fluxes); Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia and Russia (incoming fluxes).

Sexual tourists abuse of the common channels and networks of tourism to reach their victims. Companies and workers in this sector - operating on the ground - may play an important role to prevent and fight against this practice. To be able to do this, they must learn how to identify and prevent it, they need to possess the knowledge and skills to identify it and have the tools to actively prevent those who exploit and those that make use of this practice from making use of tourist services to reach their victims.

In 2012, Italian affiliate Filcams Cgil launched the "Safe Host" project, which received the support of the 2014 HRCT Trade Group Board's participants in Sao Paulo.

Visit the "Safe Host" website for more information.
Flyers are available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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