Meat multinational Hormel sacks union steward for defending workers- Justice for Jen!

13.10.14 Urgent Action
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Union stewards are chosen by their workmates to defend their rights on the job, and in a union workplace enjoy protection against company retaliation. But in September, multinational meat producer Hormel sacked Jen Pulaski, a 12-year veteran at Hormel's Beloit, Wisconsin plant and an effective advocate for her co-workers, for doing what she was elected to do - defending workers. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO HORMEL DEMANDING JUSTICE FOR JEN!

920Earlier this year, Jen was disciplined for testifying at an arbitration hearing, disciplined again for attending a union meeting, and disciplined yet again when she supported legal action to ensure workers were properly paid for time spent changing in and out of required equipment. Finally, in September, she was fired on a trumped-up "misconduct" charge after representing a co-worker in a grievance.

Jen Pulaski was fired in retaliation for standing up for the rights of her fellow workers, and the UFCW is calling for messages to Hormel telling them that this kind of retaliation is unacceptable. The UFCW calls this unjust dismissal the latest in of a string of company attempts to silence Jen and other stewards and weaken workers' union voice, and the union has filed charges against Hormel with the National Labor Relations Board. You can support them - use the form below TO SEND A MESSAGE to Hormel demanding Justice for Jen!