Tell Philippines' seafood giant Citra Mina to respect the human rights of their workers!

24.06.14 Urgent Action
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Seafood giant Citra Mina is the Philippines' second largest exporter of tuna, doing billions of dollars in sales to the European, Asian and North American markets under the Philfresh brand. This hugely profitable Group, however, is violating the human rights of its workers. CLICK HERE TO TELL THE COMPANY TO RESPECT HUMAN RIGHTS!

In response to poor health and safety conditions, precarious employment and issues around pay and social security contributions, workers last summer formed the Samahang United Workers of Citra Mina Group of Companies Union, which was legally registered on July 24. The company responded with waves of dismissals targeting union members and supporters between September and January 2014, leaving the workers and their families without income. However 70 of these workers continue to demand reinstatement with full back pay and recognition of their union. At home, they are supported by the national center SENTRO, which on June 19 launched national action to support the dismissed Citra Mina union members.

You can support the struggle for union rights and recognition in a seafood industry rife with unacceptable working conditions - CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE to CITRA MINA!