Teamsters strike ends at Indianapolis Pepsi plant

12.05.14 News
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A 10-day strike involving about 350 IUF-affiliated Teamsters members who work at a PepsiCo bottling plant on the Northwest side ended after they approved a new five-year contract.

The agreement gives raises of $1.95 an hour over five years, boosting the average hourly wage to $21.50, said Jeff Combs, a representative for Teamsters Local 135. The contract covers drivers, mechanics and warehouse workers.

Workers had been picketing since May 1 because of rising health care costs. PepsiCo said in a statement when the strike began that they'd agreed to the union's healthcare proposal and offered a plan in line with others across the country. Combs said that while the company did offer an $18/week pay increase, they also planned to implement a $15/week rise in health care costs.

The agreement also allows Teamsters to remain in the union health care plan rather than being moved into a company-administered plan.

Workers approved the contract by a 2-1 ratio in a vote Saturday morning. The union ended the strike at 10 a.m. Saturday, and Teamsters were back on the job Sunday.

The plant, at 5411 W. 78th St., produces and sells carbonated and non carbonated beverages.