Indonesia: Bali Hyatt workers protest mass jobs destruction under ‘temporary’ closure

30.09.13 News
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On World Tourism Day (September 27) hotel workers held mass demonstrations in Bali and Jakarta to protest unilateral plans to terminate over 350 workers at Bali Hyatt Hotel.

Bali Hyatt plans to close temporarily for renovation on November 14, 2013. Ignoring repeated requests by the union to negotiate the terms of re-employment, Hyatt Indonesia management will simply terminate the entire workforce and hire new workers when it re-opens.

In Bali the IUF-affiliated FSPM met with government authorities, including the Vice Governor, to demand Hyatt negotiate the terms and conditions of the temporary closure with the union and provide employment security guarantees.

FSPM also organized a protest action against Hyatt Indonesia management in Jakarta in support of the Bali workers.

The protest actions come just two weeks before world leaders gather in Bali for the APEC Summit.

In Jakarta the solidarity protest march outside the Grand Hyatt Indonesia denounced jobs destruction: "Renovate Hotel and Destroy Jobs - The Bali Hyatt Way!"

The Bali protest march ended at the beach behind the Hyatt Bali Hotel