Strike against "scary wages" on Halloween

05.11.12 News
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Workers at the Legoland theme park in Günzburg in the south of Germany walked off the job on October 31 in protest against low wages and precarious working conditions.

The IUF-affiliated NGG has been calling on management to negotiate a collective agreement for the 1,000 workers at "Low-wageland Legoland" and called a strike on October 31 to coincide with Halloween celebrations and the close of the season in the theme park.

NGG has warned management that the 2013 season will open in March with a strike if there is no collective agreement by then.

NGG points out that Legoland, owned by the UK-based Merlin Entertainment Group, has been turning a profit over the past four years on the backs of low-wage seasonal workers, who are "poor despite having a job".