Demonstrations in support of Doux workers

05.07.12 Feature
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In receivership since June 1st, French poultry giant, Doux, is running out of cash. This bankruptcy affects some 3,600 workers in France as well as 800 contract farmers and 20- 30,000 indirectly-employed persons.

On June 22, the court administrator announced that the debt-ridden company would be put up for sale.

Given the urgency of the situation, the IUF-affiliated FGA-CFDT took the initiative to organize a major demonstration of support of Doux workers.

On Saturday, June 23, all unions represented at the Doux Group (the IUF-affiliated FGTA-FO as well as the CGT and CFTC) participated in the demonstration in Châteaulin (Brittany), alongside the CFDT.

In a meeting with the Ministers of Agriculture and the Agro-Food Industry on June 28, the unions had the opportunity to state their demands and raise questions about the future of the Doux Group.

The unions underlined the lack of information and transparency that has always characterized the management's approach. They expressed their concerns over the dilapidated state of certain production sites, the lack of materials and the drop in sales of Doux products which testify to consumer lack of confidence. While the CFDT reaffirmed its desire for a comprehensive recovery plan for the group, the ministers evoked the urgency of finding buyers for all or parts of the company.

A further demonstration took place the following Saturday, June 30, in the Breton city of Vannes.

In a message of support, the IUF stated the following:

The IUF, representing a little over ten million workers world-wide, has been informed of the irresponsible, verging on criminal management negligence, that has put at risk thousands of jobs at Doux in France and beyond. We stand solidly with our members  in Doux and will take whatever action necessary in support of your fight for employment guarantees in this critical situation.

In May, Doux offloaded its troubled Brazilian business, Frangosul, through a lease agreement with JBS.