Send a message to Sun International - "negotiate and don't try to break the union"

14.12.09 Urgent Action
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More than 3,500 SACCAWU members at the Sun International South Africa have been on strike since December 4, 2009 for wage increases and improved working conditions. The country has become one of the premier tourist destinations in the world and saw the company more than doubling over the last few years. Throughout the period of negotiations which stretched over months now, management has demonstrated extremely bad faith, continuously derailing the negotiations, this is despite all efforts by the union to settle the strike.

Since the beginning of the strike more than thirty union members have been arrested while other workers are continuously being provoked, harassed and subjected to all sorts of racial insults from the police and private security firms as the attempts to break the strike continue.

Most recently just when it appeared that a agreement was reached, short of both parties agreeing on the text of the resolution and signing it the company once again returned to a pre-strike position as the final position.

SACCAWU is convinced that this is a deliberate strategy by the company to break the strike and break their union at Sun International.

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