International Women’s Day: IUF and Amnesty International partner for Zimbabwe farmworker action

18.02.11 News

The IUF and Amnesty International have teamed up for action on International Women’s Day 2011 to highlight the situation of Zimbabwe farmworkers and the exiled leader of their union, Gertrude Hambira. Members and officers of the General Agricultural and Plantation Workers’ Union of Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ) have suffered continual intimidation, harassment and violence by Zimbabwe police, ruling party thugs and ‘war veterans’ because of their work defending the rights of farmworkers.

Moldova sugar update - workers block rails, trucks to stop corporate theft of their wages and benefits

18.02.11 News

Workers from Moldova's bankrupt Glodeni-Zahar sugar company are now blocking rail and truck transport in a desperate effort to defend their meager patrimony. They have not been paid their wages since June 2009 and will receive no benefits after years of service if they do not succeed.

Moldova sugar workers demand their wages - and their union leaders' freedom

16.02.11 Urgent Action

Union members from Moldova’s  bankrupt Glodeni-Zahar sugar company – formerly the largest in the country -  made the 3-hour journey to the capital Chisinau today to demonstrate in defense of their wages and their union leaders’ freedom. Workers at the plant, which at its peak employed some 500 people, have not been paid their wages since June 2009.

Nestlé Russia violates trade union rights in sale of Barnaul chocolate factory

09.02.11 News

On 18 December 2010 Nestlé Russia announced the sale of its Altai confectionary plant, located in Barnaul in Central Russia. The workforce – who are part of the sale – were informed the previous day.

Nowera Nuddy tea workers journey to Kolkata to demand justice at Tata-Tetley's Indian HQ

08.02.11 News

Workers on the Nowera Nuddy tea estate in northern West Bengal, India and their Progressive Tea Workers Union (PTWU) are as determined as ever to win justice. A contingent of workers, all PTWU members, travelled the 650 kilometers from their plantation to Kolkata on February 4 to press their demands in a rally outside the Indian headquarters of Tata Global Beverages (TGB).

Social revolt boosts struggle against casual employment at Coca-Cola Tunisia - union negotiates abolition of agency work

01.02.11 News

The mass revolt in Tunisia which drove Ben Ali from power has also changed the balance of power within companies. Trade unions played a crucial coordination and organizing role in the social upheaval.  At Coca-Cola’s Tunisian bottler SFBT, unions have seized the opportunity to negotiate an end to agency work and roll back the abusive use of precarious employment contracts.

The IUF spoke on February 1 with Houcine Krimi, responsible for transnational companies at our affiliate FGAT-UGTT.

How did Coca-Cola workers respond to the mass protests in the country?

Sugar and starch TNC Roquette in the dock at the OECD

04.01.11 News

The US AFL-CIO and the global union federation ICEM have joined the IUF in lodging a formal complaint against French-based sugar- and starchmaker Roquette Frères for violating the Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

ILO tells Indonesia to stop union busting at Bandung Grand Aquila Hotel - act now to suport the workers!

10.12.10 Urgent Action

Since 2009 the IUF has been supporting the struggle of our Indonesian affiliate FSPM at the Grand Aquila Hotel in Bandung, where union members have been systematically intimidated and fired from their jobs. Their struggle is now at a turning point.

Nestlé European Works Council / Steering Committee Meeting / 7 September 2010

18.11.10 News

The Steering Committee meeting began on 7 September with a strong message from co-chair Klaus Hoffmann concerning the ongoing conflict in Indonesia. He insisted that it remain a focus for the company and urged that it be resolved soon.  A major topic of discussion at the meeting was remuneration.

Swiss union UNIA in solidarity with Stop Nespressure campaign

08.10.10 News



On 7 October over 200 workers and their families – wearing caps from their Swiss sister union UNIA - rallied outside the Nescafe factory in Panjang, Indonesia, to denounce the corporate social irresponsibility of the world’s largest food company.

Another new union organized in Coca-Cola Pakistan, this time in Faisalabad

12.08.10 News


Just two weeks after the victory in Coca-Cola Multan, workers at Coca-Cola Pakistan's Faisalabad plant had cause to celebrate yet again today, as their union was officially registered.

GSK Horlicks India Union Wins Permanent Employment for 450 Casual Workers

31.05.10 News

Following a month-long campaign, the Milk Food Factory Workers Union at the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Horlicks factory in Nabha in Punjab state in northwest India, has won permanent employment for 452 casual workers employed on a 'temporary’ basis for more than a decade.

IUF Downgrades Nestlé CSR Rating from B+ to Junk

10.05.10 News

We never bought it, so we can't change the recommendation to sell - but we have taken a closer look at the rating put on Nestlé's Creating Shared Value Report 2009 in order to investigate the reporting criteria - and whether they've been met.

Horlicks Workers in India Contest Precarious Employment at Health Giant GSK

03.05.10 News

Since April 21 hundreds of workers at the Horlicks factory in Nabha in Punjab state in northwest India, have held continuous protest actions against the company’s refusal to grant permanent employment to casual workers employed on a 'temporary’ basis for more than a decade.

On April 28, Remember: 'Zero Accidents' Can be Hazardous to Your Health!

26.04.10 Editorial

Unions around the world will be mobilizing again on April 28, each in its way highlighting the 360,000 annual workplace fatalities and 2 million deaths from occupational diseases. On April 28, as on every other day, some 960,000 workers will be injured in an accident at work, and some 5,300 workers will die of work-related diseases.


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