Accor continues brutal violations of trade union rights at Canada hotels

07.11.11 Urgent Action

Management at 3 Accor hotels in Canada - Novotel Mississauga, Novotel Ottawa and Novotel North York - continues to retaliate against union members and supporters by disciplining and sacking them. Despite fierce management opposition, workers at the hotels are committed to winning recognition and bargaining rights, supported by UNITE HERE.

MF Global - canary in the (financial) coalmine?

07.11.11 Editorial

The October 31 collapse into bankruptcy of MF Global, the US brokerage firm with investment bank appetites and ambition, was the eighth largest corporate bankruptcy in US history, behind Lehman Brothers, Enron and Washington Mutual but ahead of automaker Chrysler. As with any bankruptcy, clients are scrambling to recover their money, but large sums have gone missing.

Dismissed Nestlé Indonesia workers rally for justice, protest mass firings of union members

03.11.11 News

On October 31, members of the IUF-affiliated SBNIP rallied against the mass dismissal of union members at the Panjang, Indonesia Nescafé factory, where the union has struggled for more than 5 years to affirm its right to collectively bargain the terms and conditions of Nestlé workers.

Entrenching inequality: how companies learned to stop worrying and learn to love the EU Directive on agency work

03.11.11 News

Companies and agencies are jointly profiting from an opportunistic clause in the EU's Directive on temporary agency work, whose transposition into national law in the UK in October is already having a negative impact, reports IUF affiliate Unite.

General strike in Tunisia's hotels and travel agencies

27.10.11 Urgent Action

Tunisia's IUF-affiliated food and tourism union FGAT-UGTT has called  a sector-wide general strike in hotels and travel agencies November 1, and is requesting global support. Since the overthrow of Ben Ali 51 collective agreements have been negotiated in the private sector, leaving only the tourism workers - who played a prominent role in the uprising - still waiting for their bosses to agree to new terms and conditions for workers in this vital sector.

Colombian palm oil workers strike for a collective agreement and against precarious work

27.10.11 Urgent Action

Thousands on palm oil workers in the Puerto Wilches district of Colombia are now on a general strike to defend collective bargaining and oppose the spread of casualization and precarious work on palm oil farms. Their dispute dates back to early August when a major company, Palmas Oleaginosas Bucarelia, refused to enter into meaningful negotiations with the IUF-affiliated SINTRAINAGRO for the renewal of the collective agreement.

Australian NUW Launches 'Better Jobs 4 Better Chicken' Campaign

27.10.11 News

Australia's National Union of workers has stepped up its poultry organizing efforts and launched a "Better Jobs 4 Better Chicken" campaign aimed at winning permanent work, safer workplaces and the production of better chicken.

Temp Agencies Offensive Rebuffed at ILO Tripartite Meeting

26.10.11 News

Representatives of unions, governments and the private employment agency lobby came together for a tripartite meeting on "The role of private employment agencies in promoting job creation and decent work in the private services sector" at the ILO in Geneva from October 18-19. The meeting failed to reach agreement on consensus points - a not unsurprising outcome for an exercise which vividly demonstrated the gulf between unions seeking to defend workers against the destructive impact of agency work and an agency lobby seeking to enlist the ILO in their drive for growing market share.

Management change marks new phase in campaign to reinstate dismissed Polish hotel union activist

26.10.11 News

Management of the Jan Sobieski III hotel in Warsaw, where union chairperson Malgorzata Sokalska was illegally dismissed in June, has been transferred from Vienna International to Rezidor hotels. With support from the Norwegian hotel union and their shop stewards, Solidarnosc has approached the new management to urge that her case be resolved. As consultations are pending, Solidarnosc has suspended their protest campaign. The IUF support campaign is therefore on hold pending the outcome of talks with the new management.

Unions call for comprehensive action on precarious work by the ILO

25.10.11 News

Over 100 representatives from trade unions around the world took part in a symposium on precarious work organized by the ILO's Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV) held in Geneva from October 4-7. Over 3 days, unions described the role of precarious employment relationships in undermining worker rights, the scope and coverage of collective bargaining and wages and working conditions around the world.

Help protect wages and conditions for UK agricultural workers

25.10.11 Urgent Action

Agricultural Workers from across Britain demonstrated at the Houses of Parliament on October 25, 2011 to urge Members of Parliament (MPs) to oppose the Public Bodies Bill.  The Bill, if passed, would allow a process to start to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB), the mechanism for fixing legally enforceable minimum wages and conditions for agricultural workers in England and Wales. The agricultural workers' union, Unite, called the demonstration to try to  persuade MPs to oppose both the inclusion of the AWB in the Bill and the entire Public Bodies Bill.

'Beautiful and absolutely secured'.. against unions - mass firings in response to union formation at Sheraton's upscale Algerian resort hotel

23.10.11 Urgent Action

The only 5-star resort in Algeria, the luxury Sheraton Club des Pins in the capital Algiers invites the visitor to "reenergize at our pools and steam room before dining in our bayfront restaurants." Workers at the hotel have recently learned that 'absolutely secure' can mean secure against unions. Hundreds of employees who recently tried to form a union according to the legal procedure now find themselves out of work, victims of mass firings which have emptied the hotel of experienced personnel.

Vitasoy Australia Workers and NUW win

19.10.11 News

Following two 24-hours strikes organised by the Vitasoy workers under NUW membership at the factory in Wodonga, Victoria, the union reached an agreement with the company on October 14. VITASOY factory workers accepted the new collective bargaining agreement after their union NUW gained some important benefits and rights from management. These gains included:

IUF/DANONE New Agreement on Health, Safety, Working Conditions and Stress

14.10.11 News

We are pleased to announce that a new agreement on Health, Safety, Working Conditions and Stress has been signed between IUF General Secretary Ron Oswald and Danone CEO Frank Riboud in Paris.


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