UN Special Rapporteur calls for overhaul of WTO rules to ensure the right to food

30.11.11 News

As governments prepare for the December 15-17 WTO ministerial meeting in Geneva, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier De Schutter, has issued a series of recommendations for overhauling world trade rules if governments are to fulfill their obligation to ensure the right to food in an increasingly hungry world.

Union negotiates more permanent jobs at Coca-Cola Lahore, union membership rises

30.11.11 News

On 26 November 2011, 39 long-term casual workers received their permanent appointment letters at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Lahore.This is part of the ongoing negotiations by the Coca-Cola unions in the IUF-affiliated National Federation of Food, Beverages and Tobacco Workers (NFFBTW), to increase the proportion of permanent jobs and reduce precarious work at Coca-Cola Pakistan’s six bottling plants.

Jail, bail, dismissals - criminalizing the struggle for decent work at Nestlé Pakistan

28.11.11 News

Contract workers claiming their rights at Nestlé's dairy factory in Kabirwala, Pakistan have been punished with the loss of their jobs and jailed by the score on fabricated charges as management seeks to criminalize the union's struggle in support of permanent jobs for contract workers.

Dairy Division informal leadership group meets in New Zealand

27.11.11 News

What follows is the content of an e-mail from James Ritchie, National Secretary of the NZDWU to Hector Ponce, General Secretary of ATILRA and Oscar Marozzi, Assistant General Secretary of ATILRA following the meeting of the informal leadership group of the dairy division of the IUF in NZ, 16-18 November 2011. Due to a series of problems with Argentinean airspace, the ATILRA delegation was unable to attend the meeting.

Portuguese Workers Strike Against Austerity

25.11.11 News

The 24-hour national strike called jointly by the Portuguese trade union confederations UGTP and CGTP halted public services and factories in many parts of Portugal on 24 November. Workers chanting "let the banks pay" marched against austerity measures imposed by the government as a condition of the EU/IMF bailout.

AFL-CIO responds with solidarity to police raids on Occupiers

25.11.11 News

“They can take away the tarps and the tents. But they can’t slow down the Occupy Wall Street movement!”, said AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka after the first police raids on the protestors' camp. The union has called on workers, union and non-union, to respect the Occupy encampments as they would a picket line.

Financialization and its investor discontents

24.11.11 Editorial

The US cereal and snack maker Kellogg's has announced it will invest USD 70 million in unspecified manufacturing improvements, and investors are howling with rage. Reuters reported on November 3 (Kellogg cuts outlook after cutting too many jobs) that the company "Cut too many jobs in recent years, which has led to problems -- including food safety issues -- that it must now spend heavily to fix, sending its shares down nearly 7 percent."

Agreement ends tough strike over precarious work at Baiada Poultry

23.11.11 News

On November 22 the National Union of Workers announced that an agreement had been reached on favorable terms to the NUW members on strike at Baiada Poultry, Australia's largest poultry producer and the main supplier to retail giant Coles. The agreement brings equal pay rates for all workers at the factory, the key issue in the strike.

According to the NUW:

Now every worker at Baiada in Laverton will be paid site rates 

No more cash in hand. No more $10!

Your redundancy payments have more than doubled.

Unleashing aggression at Nestlé

21.11.11 News

A capacity for aggression at Nestlé, the world's largest food company, is not limited to the aggressive pursuit of market share and aggressive cash flow management, qualities praised by investors and envied by competitors. It applies equally to industrial relations, where it receives considerably less attention. Violations of worker rights predictably make less headline noise than the latest quarterly results, a hefty dividend increase or the successful launch of a new product.

Ivory Coast union leader still held under harsh conditions - Act Now!

21.11.11 Urgent Action

Basile Mahan Gahé, general secretary of the national trade union center Dignité (whose food and hotel section is affiliated to the IUF) was kidnapped from his Abidjan home on April 26, 2011 and held without charges. Amnesty International believes it has credible reports that he was tortured, particularly in the early days of his detention.

Strike against brutal, precarious conditions at Australia's largest poultry producer, supplier to one of Australia’s biggest supermarket chains

17.11.11 Urgent Action

Members of the IUF-affiliated National Union of Workers (NUW) have been out on indefinite strike since November 9 at the Baiada Poultry plant in Laverton, Victoria. The key issue in the strike is the company's massive recourse to precarious labour and the refusal to pay comparable wages to non-permanent workers.

New Zealand lamb producer CMP ANZCO locks out 111 workers

15.11.11 Urgent Action

Members of the New Zealand Meat Workers Union at CMP ANZCO have been targeted by a particularly vicious form of union busting which is being practiced more and more in IUF sectors across the globe. It works like this: an employer proposes radical changes to terms and conditions in CBA negotiations, then goes through the motions of bargaining with the union while actually just biding time, then locks out the workers in an attempt to force a signature on an essentially non-negotiated agreement.

Strikes at PepsiCo Bottling Plants in China

15.11.11 News

As new details emerge about the process of transfer of PepsiCo bottling operations in China to Tingyi, workers there found out about the devil in this detail. And that devil is evil enough to make workers take very courageous steps of protest. According to recent press reports, workers in three locations protested against the company's plan in what obviously is a coordinated action in a country that denies basic union rights - that is the right to independent unions -  to its citizens.

Nestlé European Trade Unions Demand "Stop Nespressure" in Indonesia and in Pakistan!

09.11.11 News

At the November 8 meeting of the Nestlé European Works Council in Geneva, Switzerland, representatives of twenty Nestlé unions from across Europe collectively called on the company to immediately halt attacks on trade union rights in Indonesia and in Pakistan. The unions insisted that Nestlé reinstate the dismissed trade union members in Indonesia and ensure their livelihoods and halt all harassment of trade unionists in Pakistan.

Jail, bail, threats and dismissals as Nestlé Pakistan dairy workers fight for their rights

09.11.11 Urgent Action

Visit www.nespressure.org

Management at Nestle's giant Kabirwala dairy factory in Pakistan - a state-of-the art facility with a feudal industrial relations system - is criminalizing the union's fight for the rights of hundreds of contract workers at the plant.


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