United States: Farmworkers victimized for denouncing contract labour abuses and seeking union recognition

02.03.20 Urgent Action

Workers on North Carolina farms have been doubly victimized. Last year, members of the IUF-affiliated Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) working on tobacco, sweet potato and cucumber farms stood up to a labor contractor, denouncing abuses and seeking negotiations for a union agreement. As a consequence, the workers have not been paid and are now blacklisted.


Hong Kong union leader Lee Cheuk Yan charged in new crackdown

02.03.20 News

Lee Cheuk Yan, general secretary of the independent Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU), was arrested on February 28 and charged with 'unlawful assembly' before being released on bail pending a May 5 court hearing. The IUF joins the HKCTU in calling for the charges to be immediately dropped.


Honduras: the living legacy of Berta Cáceres

27.02.20 News

Four years ago, on March 3, 2016, activist and rights defender Berta Cáceres was murdered for her role in mobilizing opposition to a proposed dam on the Gualcarque River which threatened the land and livelihoods of the indigenous Lenca people. In November 2018, 7 of the 8 accused hitmen were convicted of the crime and sentenced to prison. The corporate bosses who organized and financed the killing have yet to be prosecuted despite abundant evidence of their involvement.

Free trade food safety fantasies and the Tory agenda for the UK

15.02.20 News

UK food safety standards are at high risk as the Tory government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares for post-Brexit deregulation.

Guinea: Workers organize and win union recognition at the Sheraton Grand Conakry

13.02.20 News

With 96% of votes in favour, workers at the Marriott Sheraton Grand Conakry, Guinea, have voted to form a union and elected their leaders at the country's largest hotel.




Nestlé Switzerland: Unia mobilizes to end stress on the job at Nespresso

12.02.20 News

Nespresso has established a '4x8' production regime which has meant reduced staffing on extended clusters of long shifts. Once a month, workers are required to work up to 58 hours a week.

Democracy is at stake in India

12.02.20 Editorial

Citizenship, the gateway to all rights, is under attack by the government of India. Over recent months thousands of people have been detained and dozens killed as protests continue across the country in opposition to the government's assault on the foundations of Indian democracy.


France: Workers at Intercontinental Marseille hotel face management backlash for challenging abusive working conditions

11.02.20 News

Workers at the Intercontinental Hotel Dieu in Marseille, supported by the FDS-CGT, face a management backlash after organizing to demand an end to poverty wages, unpaid overtime and under-staffing.


Hong Kong hotel workers denounce plans to quarantine mainland visitors and tourists at hotels

09.02.20 News
On February 9, 2020, the Hong Kong Hotel Employees' Union (HKHEU) held a press conference to denounce the government's new policy on quarantine for visitors from mainland China and demand greater protection for hotel workers' health and safety.

Independent trade unions in Algeria face criminalization and escalating repression

07.02.20 News

Independent trade unions in Algeria face criminalization and escalating repression for their role in driving and sustaining the ongoing democracy movement, the Hirak which erupted in February last year.

Indonesia: 4 years after instant closure, workers still fighting for their rights at Great Giant Pineapple

06.02.20 Urgent Action

In May 2016, the agrofood conglomerate Gunung Sewu Group announced the immediate closure of its tapioca-based starch factory in Lampung, Indonesia, with no prior notice and without any negotiations with the union, SBMUJA. Four years on, Gunung Sewu still refuses to negotiate with the union. CLICK HERE to send a message to top management of the parent company insisting that  it remedy these violations of fundamental rights by entering into good faith negotiations with the union.

Trial of STAS union leader at Fyffes Honduras dropped

27.01.20 News

The scheduled January 22 trial of union leader Moisés Sánchez, general secretary of the IUF-affiliated STAS section at Fyffes' melon operations in Honduras, did not take place thanks to national and international pressure.

Honduras: Judicial persecution of union leader at Fyffes

21.01.20 News

The IUF and unions internationally are mobilizing to stop the judicial persecution of Honduran union leader Moisés Sanchéz, who faces up to 30 years' imprisonment on ludicrous charges in a courtroom on January 22. Sanchéz is general secretary of the sub-section of our affiliated agroindustrial union STAS on the melon farms of the transnational company Fyffes in Choluteca.



Algeria: independent unions targeted in government drive to destroy the democracy movement

20.01.20 Feature

Algeria's electoral farce of December 12, in which citizens were asked to select one of five presidential candidates approved by the military, has done nothing to diminish the government crackdown on democratic civil society. Algerians fighting for freedom of association now face a double dose of repression. They are targeted as trade unionists challenging the state-controlled union federation UGTA, and under attack for the role they have played in driving and sustaining the democracy movement which erupted last spring.


Ukraine: unions mobilize against legislative assault on workers and trade union rights

15.01.20 News

The government of Ukraine is preparing a massive legislative assault on fundamental trade union rights. The IUF, our members in Ukraine and unions internationally are calling on the government to immediately abandon the draft labour law and respect international standards and commitments made to unions at national level.

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