IUF action to defend LGBTI people and their rights under threat in COVID-19 emergency

15.05.20 News

In connection with the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT) on May 17, the IUF will hold a special virtual meeting of its LGBTI and allies committee to gather information about the impacts of COVID-19 and develop responses.





Police intimidation, management threats and rights violations at Arcor Argentina

15.05.20 News

On May 4, police entered the Bagley biscuit factory in Arroyito, Córdoba and attempted to arrest workers and union representatives preparing a meeting on safety measures to deal with the coronavirus hazard. According to the union, Bagley has not been paying the obligatory bonuses and premiums and refuses to pay wages to workers legally entitled to stay home to care for their children during the pandemic.

Profiting from pandemic: State governments in India move to eliminate trade union rights and worker protections

13.05.20 News

In India, the attack on fundamental rights at the workplace is accelerating under cover of promoting economic recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 emergency.

Trafficking, exploitation and death: the human cost of unregulated, illegal fishing

13.05.20 News

Video evidence and media reports detailing gross abuses aboard a Chinese fishing vessel operating with migrant seafarers have again shone a spotlight on the violence and human trafficking proliferating in the global fishing industry.


UNITE HERE calls for strict measures to protect workers and guests as U.S. casinos set to reopen

08.05.20 News

As casinos across the U.S. closed since March prepare to reopen, the IUF-affiliated UNITE HERE is calling for strict measures to protect workers, guests and public health.

International Nurses Day 2020 - support PSI's call for universal public health care!

08.05.20 News

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the deadly consequences of decades of reducing, privatizing and outsourcing public health services. Health workers putting their lives on the line every day to protect us all face overwhelming shortages of personnel, protective equipment, essential supplies and medical facilities. On the occasion of International Nurses Day, May 12, our sister international federation PSI is calling for unions internationally to endorse the call for universal health care with a petition on their site.

Combating Europe's authoritarian virus: the case of Hungary

04.05.20 Editorial

Faced with a March 30 law which, under cover of the COVID-19 emergency, empowers Hungary's Prime Minister to rule by decree for an unlimited period, suspend existing legislation and jail media critics for up to 5 years, the President of the European Commission cannot even bring herself to name the Prime Minister or the offending government.  


Yes, it is possible to protect agricultural workers and mitigate risk in a pandemic - SINTRAINAGRO shows how it's done

04.05.20 News

On March 25 the IUF-affiliated SINTRAINAGRO in Colombia negotiated an agreement covering 22,000 banana workers on comprehensive measures to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infection. The union has produced a series of short videos demonstrating the safety procedures, which are being implemented and monitored by union representatives together with the employers and public authorities.

Burkina Faso: IUF affiliates take the lead in organizing worker safety and protection

30.04.20 News

Since the first appearance of COVID-19 in Burkina Faso, the national IUF Women's Committee and the IUF national Coordination Committee have stepped in where employers and public authorities have been unwilling or unable to provide adequate protection for workers. They have been supplying soap, masks and disinfectant and informing members how to protect themselves, their families and their communities, on and off the job.




Unite hails victory as Marriott casual hotel workers win job retention under COVID-19

30.04.20 News

Despite UK government guidelines released on 26th March stating that casual workers can be furloughed and paid 80% of average annual earnings, two weeks later Marriott announced that they had "yet to determine their position" on whether casual workers could be furloughed citing 'significant cash flow issues' as their justification. UK Marriott workers wrote a letter to express concern and won.


May Day is our day, even under lockdown

30.04.20 Editorial

The words projected onto a wall during the mass protests in Chile last year now resonate across the globe: 'We won't go back to normal, because normal was the problem'. The massive economic crisis accompanying the spread of COVID-19 illuminates that normalcy with a harsh spotlight.

Since 1890, workers around the world have celebrated May Day on picket lines, at rallies, in prisons, in concentration camps and in the midst of insurrections; this year, for the first time in 130 years, we won't be on the streets. But May Day remains our day, the day on which labour affirms its global solidarity and commitment to fighting for a new world.



IUF calls on G20 tourism ministers to take immediate measures to protect workers in the COVID-19 crisis

28.04.20 News

The IUF has warned G20 tourism ministers that it may take many years to rebuild the tourism sector to pre-COVID-19 levels of activity. The IUF  called for the immediate adoption of protocols to protect hotel workers, including the suspension of optional housekeeping programmes.


International Workers Memorial Day 2020: Unions demand recognition of COVID-19 as an occupational disease

27.04.20 News

The IUF joins with our sister international union organizations in calling for speedy official recognition of COVID-19 as an occupational disease by governments and national health and safety bodies. Official recognition of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 as a preventable occupational hazard, and  COVID-19 as a work-related disease, would require employers to take necessary measures to protect workers against the risk of exposure, establish liability for failure and provide compensation to workers and their families sickened and killed by COVID-19.

Celebrate Virtual May Day 2020

27.04.20 News

Lockdowns and restrictions on public gatherings due to the COVID-19 emergency will keep workers off the streets but won't stop workers from celebrating our day of international solidarity.

Italy: FLAI-CGIL calls for regularization of migrant workers and urgent measures to protect their health

27.04.20 News

The IUF-affiliated agrifood union FLAI-CGIL, together with numerous civil society organizations, has called on the government to take immediate measures to safeguard the health and safety of the thousands of irregular migrant workers and asylum-seekers living in the country.





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