Tell Chicken of the Sea to take action on human rights violations in its supply chain!

12.08.19 Urgent Action

US-headquartered packaged seafood provider Chicken of the Sea promises ‘A Sea of Good’ and likes to talk about sustainability. Its products are well-known throughout the Americas. Like many US seafood companies, Chicken of the Sea sources products from Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) in Lampung, Indonesia. And BMI is trying to send a brave trade union leader to prison for 6 years.

CLICK HERE to tell Chicken of the Sea to use its commercial relationship with BMI to press for Reni's release and stop this outrageous use of a corrupt legal system to bully workers.

Nestlé Russia union leaders targeted for early dismissal

09.08.19 News

The President and Vice-President of the Sales Force Workers Union - a member of the IUF-affiliated AIWUR - have both been laid off in the massive restructuring of Nestlé Russia's sales force. Both are based in the only facility to be closed. The IUF believes that this closure targets the union's leadership.

Mass strike in Hong Kong shows the depth of support for the democracy movement

07.08.19 News

Hundreds of thousands of public and private sector workers responded to the August 5 strike call by the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions (HKCTU), which brought Hong Kong to a standstill. Workers organized workplace assemblies and marched in support of the HKCTU's demands.

Breakthrough health and safety agreement at Danone Russia

29.07.19 News

The IUF Russian affiliates AIWU and Novoprof have taken a significant step towards raising health and safety standards at Danone facilities throughout Russia in a newly-signed agreement.

Denmark: Burger King workers win their first collective agreement

26.07.19 News

The IUF-affiliated 3F has won a first collective agreement covering 33 Burger King restaurants owned by four different operators.

Aqua Star, audits and a union leader in prison

26.07.19 Feature

Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) in Indonesia is a major supplier to a number of large seafood processors and retailers, primarily in North America, including Aqua Star. What are Aqua Star and others doing in response to BMI's manipulation of a notoriously corrupt legal system to send a trade union leader to prison for 6 years?



AB InBev Sonepat India workers mark 500 days of struggle for rights and recognition

11.07.19 News

On July 7, union members, family and community supporters marked 500 days of the struggle for rights and recognition at AB InBev's Budweiser plant in Sonepat, India.


Court confirms #TheCargill14 were fired for forming a union

11.07.19 News

A local Turkish court determined on July 10, 2019 that workers at Cargill's Bursa-Orhangazi factory were dismissed in April 2018 solely as a consequence of their union activity. The expert report, which informed the court's decision, confirmed that the company's justifications for dismissal were groundless. The workers were fired because they had joined Tekgida-Is.


Nestlé sales force workers across Russia confined to rooms and compelled to resign employment

10.07.19 News

On May 14 all Nestlé Russia sales force employees were invited to the company's regional centers in 10 cities across Russia under the pretext of "discussing business results". The workers were confined in locked rooms under security guard, denied access to all communication to the outside world and were given two options – sign a notice accepting their job would disappear within several months, generally by August 31, 2019, or resign immediately "by agreement of the parties".

Mass protests demand freedom for imprisoned union leader at BMI seafood Indonesia

09.07.19 News

IUF affiliates from across Indonesia continue their daily protests demanding the release from prison of Reni Desmiria, secretary of the SPBMI union of workers at seafood processor Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) in Lampung, Indonesia.





Germany: NGG mobilizing against employer push for longer, 'flexible' hours in the hospitality sector

08.07.19 News

The German Food and Allied Workers Union NGG is mobilizing to defeat employer efforts to extend working time in the hospitality sector. The employer association is pushing for changes to the law which would extend the legal working day to up to 13 hours in hotels and restaurants and allow for employees to be sent home on short notice during slack times.

It’s our victory – ILO adopts new global standards to combat violence and harassment in the world of work

26.06.19 Editorial

The IUF wholeheartedly welcomes the adoption on June 21 of new global standards on Violence and Harassment in the World of Work. The Convention and Recommendation, adopted at the 2019 International Labour Conference, are the outcome of sustained mobilization and lobbying by trade unions.


Photo © Crozet / Pouteau


Solidarity with imprisoned union leader at Indonesian seafood giant BMI

17.06.19 News

IUF affiliates in Indonesia continue their protests in support of Reni Desmiria, secretary of the SPBMI, the union of workers at major global processed seafood exporter Bumi Menara Internusa (BMI) in Lampung. Reni was arrested and jailed on May 17, and the company is demanding 6 years' imprisonment - the maximum penalty - for an infraction committed 8 years ago, when she was first hired as a contract worker at the factory.

UN Experts call on ILO to recognize health and safety workplace conditions as a fundamental right

14.06.19 News

A group of United Nations Special Rapporteurs and Independent Experts have called on the ILO to recognize the right to safe and healthy workplaces as one of its 'Fundamental principles and rights at work', a proposal contained in the draft ILO Centenary outcome document currently under discussion at the International Labour Conference.

US airline catering workers prepare for mass strike action

11.06.19 News

IUF affiliates organizing thousands of airline catering workers in over 20 cities are balloting for strike action over the next two weeks in support of their demands for a living wage and affordable health insurance.


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