IUF calls on ILO to help secure wage arrears for hungry sugar workers in Iran

10.08.20 News

The IUF has called for the urgent intervention of the ILO to help secure unpaid wages owed the 5,000 workers at the Haft Tapeh sugar complex in Shush, Iran. Workers last received their wages in March.


IUF and Danone to begin negotiations on new agreement to protect against negative employment consequences of COVID-19

03.08.20 News

The IUF and Danone have committed to opening negotiations on measures to support workers and mitigate potentially negative employment consequences emerging during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thousands Strike for Black Lives across the U.S.

24.07.20 News

On July 20, at least 20,000 workers in 160 U.S. cities walked off the job to protest systemic racism, violence and economic inequality. The protest was organized by the Movement for Black Lives, a coalition of black advocacy groups and trade unions including the IUF-affiliated Service Employees International Union.


International trade union declaration: 'We stand in full solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Algeria fighting for trade union and democratic rights'

21.07.20 News

Nine international trade union organizations including the IUF have joined together "to  express their full solidarity and support for the ongoing struggle for trade union rights and democratic freedoms in Algeria."

IUF Europe: New EU guidelines on seasonal workers a step in the right direction but binding measures are urgently needed

20.07.20 News

The IUF's European regional organization IUF-EFFAT has consistently demanded greater legal protection for seasonal migrant workers, whose precarious situation has been ruthlessly exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global unions condemn escalating attacks on democracy and worker rights in the Philippines

20.07.20 News

The IUF and theinternational union organizations which make up the Council of Global Unions have condemned the escalating attack on democratic and trade union rights in the Philippines, where the recent adoption of an 'Anti-Terrorism Act' grants the government a sweeping license to escalate repression and arbitrary police power.

Defunding private equity

16.07.20 Editorial

Private equity funds, which globally dispose of some USD 2.5 trillion in uninvested 'dry powder', are preparing to scoop up bankrupt firms and extract gain from the coronavirus wreckage. At the same time, many governments are tossing financial orthodoxy overboard in search of a path to recovery. Now is the moment for labour to push for public investment vehicles, backed by central bank guarantees, to support sustainable jobs and the transition to a low-carbon economy, and cut the umbilical cord linking workers' futures to junk bond billionaires.


United States: SEIU Strike for Black Lives July 20

15.07.20 News

The IUF-affiliated SEIU has called for a Strike for Black Lives across the United States on July 20, with strikes, walkouts, and worker actions to demand racial and economic justice in society and the workplace.

Myanmar: Under cover of COVID, management at Bagan Hotel River View launches new attack on trade union rights

08.07.20 News

Management of the Bagan Hotel River View in central Myanmar's famous Bagan Archeological Zone is again attacking basic trade union rights, using COVID-19 as a pretext for dismissals targeting union members and leaders.

Marriott's Moxy UK workers win through unions' coordinated pressure

07.07.20 News

Thanks to coordinated union struggle, workers at UK Moxy hotels, one of the many Marriott brands, will benefit from the UK Government's job retention/furlough scheme. They will also receive backdated wages totalling thousands of pounds.

New report exposes the web of subcontracting behind a pandemic of exploitation in European road transport

04.07.20 News

A new report prepared by the Dutch trade union foundation FNV-VNB, the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) and the IUF uncovers the multiple chains of subcontracted labour which have enabled the expansion of squalid exploitation in European road transport.

Unions join campaign to stop EU-Mercosur 'free trade agreement'

02.07.20 News

Trade union centers in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands are among the initial endorsers of a campaign to stop the disastrous trade agreement now being promoted for signature (after twenty years of negotiations) between the EU and the 4 Latin American countries (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) which make up the Mercosur bloc.


Ukraine: Unions take to the streets to contest renewed legislative attack on trade union rights and worker protections

01.07.20 News

Trade unions in Ukraine, including the IUF-affiliated Agro-Industrial Workers' Union of Ukraine (AIWU Ukraine) held protests in the capital Kyiv and across the country on June 30 to demand the withdrawal of proposed new laws which would radically undermine trade union rights and basic worker protections.

Maldives: TEAM leads fight to stop new attacks on employment and workplace rights

26.06.20 News

The IUF-affiliated TEAM (Tourism Association of Maldives) has been actively mobilizing to defeat proposed changes to employment law which would weaken the country's few existing worker protections at a time of crisis and set back the fight for basic rights in the country. Maldives has no legal industrial relations framework based on trade union and collective bargaining rights.




Stop the attack on workers' rights in India!

24.06.20 Urgent Action

In May, the IUF sounded the alarm on the legislative attack on fundamental workers' rights in India. The attack continues, and we've joined with our sister international federations and the ITUC in an online LabourStart campaign to  stop the attack on rights.



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