Defend Kazakhstan's independent trade unions!

23.01.17 Urgent Action
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The authoritarian government of Kazakhstan has stepped up its aggressive drive to completely eliminate independent trade unions in the country. Following years of legal and political harassment of workers' organizations that escaped government control, on January 4 a court ordered the legal dissolution of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Kazakhstan (KNPRK). Similar dissolution procedures have been imposed on the confederation's affiliated member unions.

On January 9, the government launched a criminal investigation against confederation President Larisa Kharkova, raided the organization's office and seized the union's documents. Repression continued with the January 20 arrest of KNPRK deputy chairman Nurbek Kushakbaev, and oil workers' leader Amin Yeleusinov. Workers demonstrating solidarity with the independent confederation, including through hunger strikes, have been arrested in police sweeps. The drive to stamp out independent trade unions has been supported by the state-controlled federation FPRK.

Workers in Kazakhstan need international solidarity and support - CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE TO THE GOVERNMENT OF KAZAKHSTAN
Oil service workers who launched a hunger strike in support of the dissolved national center KNPRK are under arrest