Stöd HKCTU:s strejk för demokrati!

29.09.14 Urgent Action
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Kinas enda fria fackförening HKCTU uppmanar arbetare att strejka till stöd för demokratirörelsen efter att polisen gått till brutalt angrepp mot civila olydnadsaktioner.  Facket på Swire Beverages (Coca-Cola) och lärarnas och hamnarbetarnas HKCTU-förbund strejkar redan och kommer att få sällskap av andra medlemsförbund.


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Tensions have been building in Hong Kong since the August 31 government announcement that candidates for the position of Chief Executive would have to be vetted and approved by a pro-business, pro-Beijing committee.

The protests, originally organized by the students’ federation and the Occupy Central coalition, have drawn increasing numbers of supporters. The mainland government has harshly condemned the protestors’ demands and the “illegal” protests.

On September 28, the HKCTU declared “we cannot let the students fight alone”, and called for workers to strike in support of 4 demands: the immediate release of all the arrested, an end to the suppression of peaceful assembly, replacing the “fake universal suffrage” formula with the genuine political reform workers have been demanding, and the resignation of Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying.

The HKCTU has been generalstrikethe backbone of the democracy movement, before and following Hong Kong’s return to Chinese rule. Their courageous action deserves the support of trade unions everywhere.

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